22 January 2013

Hunter Gatherer

I usually don't post images with watermarks because I find them distracting, but nothing can distract me from this cutie. He has nearly everything I look for in a man -- an innocent face, a sweet smile, blue eyes, huge shoulders, great build, and a virgin hole ready for use.

I want to gather Hunter and do naughty things to him until he begs for more. I'll just fix some spiked Gatoraid, some sturdy bindings to secure his arms and legs whilst he's unconscious, and then as soon as he rouses, I'll get to work. His porn name is Hunter, which almost certainly real.


  1. Anonymous09:14

    Fantastic! Absolutely hot!

  2. Anonymous10:03

    Those nipples of his are much like the cherries on a cake, lol. OMG. Delicious hunk. I am often impressed by the beautiful, healthy, clean, smooth skin these models have. And yet their beautiful skin donot prevent them from being virile, lol. BTW, who said he has a virgin ass ready for use? I bet not. In particular I like the third pic from below, where I can almost hear his moan of pleasure and see his load coming up in the air.

  3. Normally I do not go for these young muscled, but like you said this one is cute! Hot!

  4. Anonymous00:39

    noo why would you wanna bind him up? :( its sick to put someone in a vulnerable position where they basically have no freedom.


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