12 March 2017

Legalizing Hate

Think Progress published a disturbing and eye-opening article Friday (link here) with the title "Tennessee lawmakers really want to make sure businesses can discriminate against LGBT people.
It’s already legal, but a new bill would encourage it more."

In an up-is-down world, Tennessee law prohibits "discrimination" against haters who legally discriminate against LGBT people.

This is achieved with a state law that prohibits cities, counties, and towns from adopting their own measures to stop LGBT discrimination. Everyone is forced to adapt to state law on LGBT issues, and without any actual state law protecting people, this mandates that LGBT people have no protection against discrimination.

Remember how conservatives are always upset about "big government"? Turns out they love big government when they can use it to discriminate.

This nonsense certainly seems ripe for a legal challenge. Someone in Tennessee needs to sue the state.

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  1. Anonymous05:00

    Que tal mas protección a los protegidos.Amigo venezolano,Cucuta


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