15 March 2017

Another Shattered Promise

Preet Bharara is one of the most famous prosecutors in America. Until very recently, he served as US Attorney for Manhattan.

A US attorney is like the federal equivalent of a district attorney. There are ninety-three of them throughout the United States. Each one has a staff of attorneys and support personnel who prosecute criminal cases in federal courts.

Bharara is particularly well known, both because the US Attorney for Manhattan is typically one of the most prominent prosecuting officers in the country and because he, in particular, went after corrupt politicians of both parties and many Wall Street weasels, not to mention mobsters and other criminal kingpins.

US attorneys are like any high-level federal civil servant; they can be replaced by a President at any time. When a new president is inaugurated, they are usually replaced over time by new appointees.

After Donald Trump was elected last November, he met with Bharara and asked him to stay on in as US Attorney for Manhattan. Bharara agreed. (Source here.)

And then came last weekend. Trump summarily fired all of President Obama's remaining US attorneys, effective immediately. This alone was a highly unusual move, because US attorneys typically will be asked to stay in the early part of a new administration until replacements are on board.

Not this time. No replacement names have even been submitted to Congress for the confirmation process.

After specifically asking Bharara to stay, Trump abruptly fired him without explanation along with all the other remaining US attorneys.

Another shattered promise. Another lie exposed.

Why did Trump do this? No one yet knows why. The media has reported on rumors that Bharara was pursuing someone within Trump's inner circle for possible prosecution.

Whatever the answers, the matter once again demonstrates how Donald Trump promises something and then breaks that promise.

In hindsight, broken promises are called lies. Chalk this up to yet another of Trump's big lies and yet another reason he cannot be trusted for what he promised the LGBT community.

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