18 March 2017

The Swamp

Remember when Donald Trump was running for President and constantly talked about how he'd go to Washington to "drain the swam"? Politics would no longer be business-as-usual, he promised, with lobbyists being shown the door.

Flash forward several months. Contrary to what he promised, now that he's President, Trump has made the swamp even worse.

Many media outlets have reported about the orgy of inside dealing, lobbyist feting, and abounding conflicts-of-interest since Trump was sworn into office: Newsweek (link here), Time (link here), Politico (link here), CNN (link here), The Washington Post (link here), and many more.

The New York Times ran an op-ed yesterday (link here) about how a Fortune 500 CEO was lobbying inside the Oval Office with the President and the Health and Human Services secretary to make an anti-trust problem go away. In return for their help, the CEO said some nice things about Trump and the GOP's disastrous healthcare proposal.

So after Candidate Trump promised to boot lobbyists out the door, President Trump is doing the exact opposite, meeting lobbying CEOs in secret, right in the Oval Office.

With broken promises like this, I truly cannot understand why some people still believe Trump will not break his nebulous promises to the LGBT community.

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