30 November 2020

Rotting Minds

David Brooks at the New York Times wrote a very thoughtful but ultimately frustrating column last Thursday (link here) with the title "The Rotting of the Republican Mind" and the secondary title "When one party becomes detached from reality."

He points how a significant majority of Republicans now believe wild conspiracies about the election and mathematics and medicine and science. It has become the anti-intelligence, anti-education party. Its current ringleader and grand poohbah, of course, is Donald Trump, the archduke of fraud and conspiracy gibberish.

But not only is this brain rot afflicting Republicans, it's happening in right-wing populist parties around the world.

Where his piece is frustrating, however, is that he doesn't really offer any kind of a solution. This is a big, worsening, worldwide problem. How much worse will it get before it gets better?

Read his piece. Maybe it will give you some ideas about how you can help tackle this mess.

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