22 March 2013

Wicked Lads

During my early childhood years in Britain, I occasionally had to endure visits to several elderly female relatives who were unpleasant Dickensian crones. If you did anything ever-so-slightly wrong in their eyes, you were labeled as "wicked." If you did nothing other than look possibly guilty of some minor transgression, you were declared "wicked" in a feeble hiss. Simply because you were a male, you were presumed "wicked" unless you proved yourself otherwise.

Now here are some lads who strive to be wicked so they can get a good punishment fuck. I found all of them at the excellent Tumblr blog Sublime Cock.

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  1. Anonymous07:46

    What do you think your "elderly female relatives" whom you describe as "Dickensian crones" would say had you arrived with tats like the "wicked lads" if the pics?


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