11 March 2013

The Fitting

I want to know where Sam Colt has his tailor shop. Talk about service. He makes a suit for you and then makes you get a boner by sucking your cock. Then comes the fitting, where you fit your cock into his tight muscular ass. Is this place on Angie's list?

I love the fifth picture where Jake makes direct eye contact with us whilst Sam is sucking him. That is so totally hot when porn "breaks the fourth wall" like this. It's like he's busted us for being voyeurs but he doesn't stop getting pleasured.


  1. In the vid it's actually Jake who is the tailor. Samuel comes in and the fitting gets Samuel's juices going with all the touching and he goes down on Jake. You can't tell that from this picture sequence. Samuel also lies on his back spread-eagle on the couch with his legs in the air and then Jake fucks him hard. This couple has a nice chemistry together. I like Samuel best as a bottom.

  2. The video is really terrific.

  3. If I had so confess that I had a fetish, as much as I hate that word, it's most certainly a suit fetish. Love these pictures.


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