18 March 2013


I never tire of looking at a hot man's ass. That's one of the bonuses of going to the gym. After you work out, you hit the showers, and you can watch the ass parade there and in the locker room.

Some blokes are modest and will cover their cock with a towel on the way to the shower but leave their beautiful ass exposed for admiration and contemplation. On their way back to the lockers, they'll wrap themselves in the towel. Once they start to change, they'll turn toward the locker to hide their cock but leave their naked ass exposed. When they bend to pull on their underwear (or pants if they're flying commando), you'll get a quick glimpse of their vulnerable hole.

Some lads don't care if everyone sees them naked. Chances are they're hung with a bigger than average cock, too. They want everyone to see their weaponry, even if they are straight. They'll wander all over the locker room, bend down in front of other blokes to show off their joy chute, and take their dear sweet time getting dressed. It's the safe place to be an exhibitionist.


  1. Anonymous07:53

    You are so right about your description of guys in the locker room and shower. Its funny how 'secretive' guys are about their ass and cock . When you are more open and secure with your sexuality it seems you become a less inhibited with all that. . .I think guys should be more open and not afraid in the locker room. I mean after a while its just another part of your body and for Gods sake we see arms and legs all the time so I say GET OVER IT GUYS.

  2. Anonymous22:20

    You've rounded up an inspiring selection of rumps.. Bunathon deserves a moving picture followup... something along the lines of "best porn clips that showcase the hottest bubble ass getting doggie fucked".

  3. Anonymous18:31

    Oh yeah, "the gym", nothing like a good workout and then shower time. I also never get tired of admiring all the beautiful male butts. Smooth, hairy, beefy, not so beefy, big, small, MAN Ass, I love it.

    And I love the setup at my (mostly "straight" gym), it's a "gang" shower, so about 10 guys can shower at the same time. It's a win-win situation for me. If a guy thinks your staring at his cock, and he turns around, I still win, I can look at his ass all I want without him knowing.

    And yes, some straight guys get off, knowing you like their cock and ass.

    Did I mention, I LOVE the gym locker room..



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