01 March 2013

What About Officer Bob?

I know, of course, that Robert Van Damme is not a real cop. But he could pass for one. I've seen cops this hot here in California quite a few times. He has the right physique and piercing stare. I don't know if real cops have beautiful uncut cocks like his, but I'd be happy to find out.

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  1. Anonymous08:13

    Speaking of cops in LA . . . I was in LA a few years ago . . made a mistake and picked up some dude that wanted a ride cause I thought he looked familiar. . long story short. . he got violent in the car and I got out and he stole the car. . rental car. . I had to call police. A really HOT cop showed up. . gave me a ride to where I was staying. While driving he got a call and the conversation sounded like two lovers talking. I asked him if he was gay and he said YES. I was kinda shocked but in LA anything is possible. I ONLY WISH he would have frisked me . .hehehe. .. but he was a nice guy and he looked great in that uniform. I only wonder what he looked like out of it as well . . hehe. .


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