31 May 2009


I'm a bit naughty because I find consensual, non-violent bondage like this very exciting. Having a man bind you and then gently torment you with his tender strength is enormously erotic. Finding a man who will also let you bind him is wonderful. There must be considerable mutual trust before you reach this point in a friendship.

In the darkest warrens of my fantasies, I must admit I have entertained the idea of abducting a gorgeous man like the model depicted here, keeping him in bondage, and then bringing him around to desire me helplessly through hypnosis and mind control. He starts out as my slave and then ends up entirely as my willing lover. The hypnosis does not subjugate him; it awakens his darkest desires.

The model here is Mark Lamorie. He makes his living as a personal trainer in Boston and apparently has only appeared in a few solo photo shoots. He seems to be rather kinky, based on a few things I learned about him online, and his sweet, innocent face makes his wildness all the more erotic. He looks too good to be bad, and I like that very much.


  1. AMEN to you bondage wish .
    And MARK can certainly fulfill many bondage wishes - he is a purty stud slut

  2. Anonymous17:16

    I have had the distinct pleasure of seeing Mark's other pics. I must say he has the most beautiful ass I have ever seen on a MAN. He really is the 5 million dollar man !!

  3. Anonymous13:56

    You have superb taste!


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