26 May 2009

Portuguese Hustler

I found this on an Iberian equivalent of Craig's List. His description says, if I'm translating correctly: "Equipped and active. Masculine and manly. A complete man for you." Then a bit I can't quite translate, possibly an idiom that means something like "through me you'll know yourself better." Then he talks about how you can come to his private apartment.

So I'm guessing this guy is some kind of hustler even though rates are never mentioned. You look this good, you don't need to arrange hookup sex through the internet. He's Portuguese but living in Barcelona. The photos appear professional with obviously removed watermarks, so I'm guessing he's also some kind of porn star or model.

Yeah, you can't take your eyes of that, can you? Thick and meaty, mmmm good.


  1. the info in the following link may be of interest to fellas in DC:


  2. Anonymous20:23

    His name is John, he lives in L.A.

  3. Anonymous14:53

    i'd like to wrap my lips around his thick cock


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