03 November 2010

Seducing the Sheriff

The Internet is like a time machine for me sometimes, because I rediscover porn flicks I saw in the late eighties during my horndog college days of cruising smut theaters looking for action.

You saw the movie once, remembered a hot scene or two, but soon forgot the title of the flick because it wasn't like you could find it on a hard drive and replay it again whenever you liked. Years later, you could never find the movie again because you had no idea what to type into Google. You just had to hope it landed in your lap one day.

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  1. Anonymous07:53

    If only the face of the sheriff was on the furry guys body with the cock of the blond guy... that would be a perfect specimen.
    Love his hairy ass. I could bury my face in it.

  2. Anonymous08:53

    This is 'Gold Rush Boys'. - Montana Cowboy

  3. Anonymous17:51

    I'm not usually a fan of gimmicks, story lines, and costumes in my porn, but I found this clip very entertaining.


  4. Anonymous15:27

    Entertaining! So much so it makes for great bator viewing! The beardies are good - non-beardy's cock was a bonus!

  5. Anonymous15:33

    can't find the name of the dark bearded guy. anybody know?

  6. Anonymous08:56

    The 2 bearded guys look like the models for that hair dye Just for Beards

  7. the BEARDED DARK HAIRED STUD,is pure TOM OF FINLAND,WISH THERE WERE A BUNCH OF THEM,only colt,a few,very few have those nordic gods,SOMEBODY MAKE A REAL LIFE TOM OF FINLAND MOVIE,with all the kink,outdoor fuckin,floggin,frankly it would be ULTIMATE

  8. Anonymous06:55

    The dark bearded guy is J.W.King (aka Jim Waldrop) who appeared in some memorable gay films in the late 1970s/early 80s. He was one of the first porn actors who made me drool: I think he has an incredibly beautiful face as well as a sexily lean body and some fantastic sexual skills - especially deep-throating! There's a short article about him on Wikipedia.
    Also on Wikipedia is an article about the film "Gold Rush Boys" (Jocks Studios, 1983) from which this is an extract. The description is a bit clinical and soulless (extract below) and captures none of the arousing beauty of the scene.
    "In the parlor, the Marshall (J. W. King) is reviewing Kincaid's accounts for the month. When the Marshall has approved the books, Kincaid gives him his cut of the profits and suggests they retire to his bedroom where the other half of his cut awaits him. In Kincaid's bedroom, the two engage in fellatio with a blond prostitute. The Marshall penetrates Kincaid anally and then masturbates to a climax on Kincaid's buttocks. The two kiss before separating and returning to their duties."

  9. Anonymous00:10

    thanks. all the pix I can find just have JW with a mustache, but I think he's so much hotter in this clip with a beard. google searching always mixes him up with Jon King, so it was difficult finding any images to confirm who he was. I appreciate the reply.

  10. Anonymous16:05

    Hi Anonymous
    I'm happy to have helped. J.W.King was sometimes billed as John King but was, as you say, not the same guy as Jon King.
    J.W. and Jon were often said to be brothers - but weren't in fact. They did however appear together (and fucked) in a 1981 movie titled "Brothers should do it" ;-)
    If you go to http://rocketpenis.com/video/brothers-should-do-it/
    there's an extract from their scene. It starts 3min 20sec in. Looking at it just now got me hard all over again, 30 years after the movie was made. Both J.W. and Jon were incredibly sexy men!


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