13 January 2020

The Oligarch

Last week, the NPR radio program Fresh Air featured an interview with an investigative journalist who has written about Donald Trump and his extended family for a number of years. The episode is available for free and indefinitely online to download as a podcast (link here).

I highly recommend listening. In the span of forty minutes, the writer succinctly deconstructs Trump with a clarity and focus I've not witnessed any other journalist achieve.

I was left with several thoughts after listening to the program.

One is that a man striving to be an oligarch, as Trump has been doing all his life, is the absolutely wrong kind of person to be President. America is now morphing from a democracy into a plutocracy and Trump will only hasten that transition. It's imperative on all of us to reverse this trend in 2020 and thereafter.

Second is the realization that Trump is like a virus who infects most everyone around him with corruption, including his own children. The only ones who survive this are the ones who escape before he can corrupt them. He's also infected a fair portion of the country. The only cure will be to expunge him from the government.

Download the program and have a listen. I think you'll be glad you did.

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