19 July 2011


Normally skinny young longhair types do little for me, but there's something about this one I found intriguing. He looks like he'd go a long way before he'd say "no."

LA has no shortage of stoner wastrels and usually I ignore them, but occasionally one will catch my eye. Maybe I feel a need to corrupt Andy and subject him to some stern supervision.


  1. Anonymous14:42

    It's not that I wouldn't fuck him--'cause I would. It's just that I would have to close my eyes and imagine someone more beefy and less girlie while I did him. Sorry.

    Other than that, I'm sure he's a perfectly lovely young lad.


  2. Anonymous23:29

    and a really nice uncut cock

  3. marcel07:36

    mmm... No...sorry... not even a shadow of a god.

  4. Anonymous00:54

    How disgusting to see a great guy made ugly by those awful boxers. Shood be burned,and all like them.


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