01 November 2011

In the Kitchen

I had a part-time job in college writing catalog copy for a company in Culver City. This was in the days before the internet so mail-order was a much bigger business back then. The company was sort of a down-market Sharper Image.

Because I was part time, the regulars pretty much ignored me. There was one exception, however -- a really sweet, hot lad about thirty who wasn't the sharpest pencil in the box. He was the company dogsbody but had aspirations to be a professional bodybuilder. He used to practice his poses in the warehouse without his shirt and ask how I thought he was doing. I was always happy to assist.

Who knows who the lad is below but his face and body reminded me a lot of the company dogsbody. Maybe it's his son.


  1. Very HOT Man here.


  2. Anonymous07:20

    Sorry, I don't know the term "dogsbody."

  3. Phew! What a well set up young man!

  4. Anonymous11:59

    What a massive back.. Also love to try to wrap my hands around those gigantic guns of his...One thing I wouldn't do is give this dude any shit, or he would send me into next week...


  5. Anonymous20:59

    wow, he is so fucking hot!

  6. Sorry Scott. "Dogsbody" is Brit slang for the person who gets stuck with all the crap jobs in a company or office -- the lowest on the proverbial totem pole. In a small firm, they typically serve as combination janitor, hauler, gofer, maintenance, and much more.


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