25 November 2011

Almost Perfection

If he left the razor in the drawer then his chest would be in its natural hirsute state. Then he'd be perfect.

Now if he gets a boner, that skimpy little thong would be shredded. I'd like to see that happen, however. I volunteer to give him a woody just to test my theory.


  1. Anonymous06:16

    couldn't agree with you more! sorry, but IMHO thongs generally esmaculate a guy. but him in a regular speedo or trunks and he'd be almost purfect. add hair and...perfection.

  2. There should be a law against shaving one's body.

  3. I agree--he's almost perfect. [Put down the razors guys!] But then again--almost perfect? There's nothing wrong with that! Yum!

  4. Anonymous10:15

    hes called logan from straightmuscleguys

  5. Anonymous13:56

    That definition and that sculptured musculature is a huge stimulus...wonder if his manhood is as perfect? I would love to explore all of his anatomy!

  6. Anonymous15:10

    Even the bush behind him has been trimmed. Maybe he misunderstood his neighborhood ordinance -- All Property Owners Must Keep Their Bushes Trimmed

    Leo G.

  7. Anonymous02:39

    Etonnant comme les mecs n'ont pas le sens du ridicule. Il devrait être rouge de honte d'avoir à porter ce string ridicule. D'accord avec "Behrmark" pour qu'il y ait une loi qui interdise aux mecs de se raser (et de se tatouer). Les nanas peuvent faire ce qu'elles veulent, on s'en fout !


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