03 November 2011


These are stills from a vintage porn magazine titled Outtakes. Like most stroke mags, it's made up of still shots from porn flicks stitched together with erotic stories about men loving men. I don't recall ever seeing any of the movies featured in the publication.

I'm guessing this is from the early 1980s, based on a number of clues seen in the magazine. The color has deteriorated somewhat but the sex is still hot. If you'd like to download a free folder with scans of the entire magazine, be sure to click here (or here for mirrors).

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  1. lost on paradise14:27

    The guy in the first two pictures bottoms in a very old vidio I have called "Fleshtones" and goes by the name Billy Neames. The curly haired self-sucker and flip-flop fucker on the couch uses the same name as Terry Hatchers boyfriend/husband/boyfriend/husband on Desperate Housewives. I'm having a senior moment and can't think of the name right now.


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