17 December 2011

Boned Up

These lads are younger and twinkier than I generally like, but I enjoyed this video because they're both hard pretty much throughout. And they're really into what they're doing. They might've been paid but they were there to get laid and no one went home unhappy.


  1. Anonymous11:34

    These lads are very hot and very cute. But you're right. They would be much hotter with a few more years under their belts and a few more pounds of beef on their torsos.

    Check out the encouraging smile Mr. Bottom gives as Mr. Top cums at the end of the video. Again, you're right. No one is unhappy--including me. Thanks!

    Leo G.

  2. Anonymous03:07

    I love that site!

  3. Anonymous01:38

    J'adore quand le mec passe sa main dans la jambière du short de son pote pour lui tâter la queue. Je peux pas voir un mec en short sans avoir envie de faire ça, humm !
    Côté voeux, j'aimerais aussi qu'en 2012 les mecs arrêtent de porter des boucles d'oreilles grosses comme des pneus !


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