04 December 2011


Two religious callers rang the doorbell the other day. Normally I don't bother with them and almost didn't with this crew. The first lad I saw was one of the ugliest young men I think I've ever seen. Then I spotted the other one.

He was about 5'3" with dark hair and a sweet smile. I could see he was very nicely built under his cheap white short-sleeved polyester shirt. I sent them on their way but not without checking the hot little one out for a long look. I particularly liked the way he called me "sir."

This lad here reminded me of Bible boy at the door because of the last shot with that eager smile. He's just so happy to show you his cute, tight hole and his readiness to lose his cherry.

As is usually the case here, these are larger images, so if you click each one, you'll see the photograph in full size.


  1. I, too, decide whether to put up with the door-to-door Jesus salesmen or not based on attractiveness!

  2. Anonymous01:30

    ... did it occur to you to try and seduce the bible boy ...??? (I bet it has!) You think you'd have stood any chances ...?


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