10 December 2011

Rutting Beasties

If you don't pop a boner whilst watching this, then I suggest you seek medical attention because something might be wrong with your plumbing. If your doctor is a hot single man, that could be a great icebreaker: "I was watching this incredibly hot porn flick where the two studs ended up in a standing fuck." See how your doctor reacts; he might be able to help you with your pecker problem in a manner you did not originally anticipate.

Edited later to add: Thanks to faithful reader Dirk for supplying a new link for this vid. If you'd like to watch in a larger screen, be sure to click here.


  1. Anonymous08:12

    you are right! if anyone doesn't shoot a load with that standing fuck, something is wrong with his pipping!!! One of the best videos ever!! Plus Harley Everet makes it even hotter. All his videos are HOT.

  2. Anonymous08:26

    Thats porn star Johnny Hazard . . AKA Keith from Cleveland. Personally, I think hes a prick. Met him at a private sex party a few yrs ago and was in the bed right next to him . . Im a big muscle dude that has done MORE work in front of a camera than he ever has. .and yet he totally dissed me. I mean, he was so high on whatever that he couldnt see what was right in front of his face . . . What a jerk he was! HIS LOSS. And Im the one that begged the host of the party to invite him over that night... Geez.. what a jerk. My mistake.

  3. Anonymous09:20

    This one hot powerfuck. I love fucking a guy standing up but usually do it facing him so I can watch his face he bottoms out on my pubes.

    But this way probably feels even better, especially if done in front of a mirror so we can both watch. Cant wait to do it. Big V

  4. Anonymous10:56

    That is fucking amazing! And amazing fucking!!
    Hot, hot, hot.

  5. Bah by the time I got to it it was deleted :(

  6. Anonymous04:40

    Now I know why my doctor is always running an hour behind schedule.

    Leo G.

  7. Anonymous05:12

    Missed it. Was deleted.

  8. brads09:16

    the video was deleted
    sounded interesting tho - anyone know the name of that or the studio?

  9. Anonymous12:48

    "This video has been deleted"? Shit the bed, Fred! I wanted to watch it again. Does anyone know where I can find it?

    Leo G.

  10. Anonymous18:46

    What a freaking hot vid! I watched it with a doctor friend of mine and we just could not match it pump-for-pump but we still had a very hot and heavy ending.

    Thank you Will and thank YOU Dick!

    - John

  11. Anonymous01:50

    Je dois être malade, car ça m'a pas fait bander. Mais c'est parce que les mecs sont trop tatoués à mon goût, je ne vois que ça et ça m'empêche d'apprécier le reste. Et puis je ne suis pas fana des trips médicaux.


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