15 December 2011

A Natural Man

An Aretha Franklin standard called "You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Woman" was a big hit the year I was born. Maybe her song could be reworked with the title "You Make Me Glad to Be a Natural Man." I may regret many things my parents did to me whilst I was a lad, but leaving my willy uncut and natural is something I thank them for every single day. My boyfriend does, too.


  1. Troy Saxon14:28

    Why do un-cut men have to keep proclaiming their "superiority"? It really is so boring. The selection of cocks on display was pretty uninspiring as far as I'm concerned. Give me Cody Cummings or Samuel Colt any day!

  2. Thanks for this set of pictures. I love looking at all of the 'natural' men.

  3. Anonymous16:02

    My parents had me circumsized when I was a baby. I grew up thinking ever guy's cock looked like mine. I was a young teeanger when I saw my first uncut dick. I assumed the guy had a birth defect or had been in a horrible accident. Uncut peckers looked weird to me for a long time. Nowadays, all dicks are beautiful to me--fat, skinny, long, short, dark, red, crooked, hairy, shaved, cut, or uncut. I take all cummers!

    Leo G.

  4. I definitely wish I still had my foreskin :(

  5. Anonymous05:01

    that top guy's really sexy!

  6. Anonymous04:01

    right on Leo. I too never even knew what "uncut" meant. I saw my first uncut dick at 23 and thought that someone had chopped the end off as I could not see a head on his cock. I am fascinated by uncut cock and love to play with the foreskin. However every dick has its own special delightful charm thank God.

  7. Anonymous18:21

    Unfortunately we can't "undo" the stupid things our parents did to us! There is nothing more beautiful than "NATURAL".


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