22 December 2011


I was driving out of town last week so I was hunting around on the radio once I lost my Los Angeles signal. I momentarily had to take my hand off the radio knob to use the gearshift so I inadvertently listened to a short snippet of some radio evangalist ranting about hellfire and damnation.

He said something like "there are those who gladly seek to corrupt the morals of our young people." Hey that's me! I look at these pictures of hot young Chad here and I'm all ready to corrupt his morals but in a nice and memorable way. I guarantee he'll go home with a big smile and well drained testes.


  1. Anonymous06:45

    the question is...who's corrupting whom? always dug older men and as a teenager i loved seducing older married men while making them think they were doing the seducing. lol.
    cheers and happy holidays!!
    pax tibi frater.

  2. Anonymous06:47

    quick question...
    when you had ur profile pic taken, did you consciouly decide to show a little strap? for some reason it measurably increases the hot factor.

  3. Chad looks like he needs corrupting!

  4. Rugbysex, the answer is no.

  5. Anonymous11:51


  6. Anonymous16:28

    What a nice smile! But if I had a cock like his, I would never be sad either.

    By the way, I once went down the hell fire route. But no matter how hard they tried to pray away the gay, I still liked dudes. It's not like I didn't want to be cured--I did. In time, I had to come to terms and accept me for who I was--even if others could not.

    Leo G.

  7. Anonymous04:09

    I'll bet Chad had been corrupted (and violated) long before you found his pictures. That's probably the reason for his smile.

  8. Anonymous08:23

    Chad needs a lot of loving. I'm up for that task.


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