16 December 2011

Choose One Only

If you could only pick one, which one would you pick and why? What would you do with him once he was in your bedroom?


  1. Anonymous06:06

    The last one. My face would be in his ass and I would eat him 7 ways to Sunday.

    - John

  2. Alone with No. 6 in my room - I'd love to run my hands over his body, starting with those hairy legs, then moving my hands up between the legs to play with the balls, and the dick, then kiss and lick them, and let matters take their course from there.

  3. Anonymous03:56

    they're all fantastic, but the top one's the hottest!!

  4. Anonymous06:09

    #5: Fuck him raw in every hole he's got. This one because we both will have a good time. This one kisses and plays back.

  5. Anonymous11:09

    definently the guy in the 3rd pic. i love seeing that big juicy cock and balls from behind.

  6. Anonymous06:18

    The third one,has the total pack. I will eat him all!.

  7. am i too late to pic, been on hols!
    no2. leave him where he is, from tongue to cock, perfect position!

  8. Anonymous15:23

    My motto is "any port in a storm". So if I had to choose only one, I would chose the closest one.

    Leo G.

  9. Anonymous08:31

    No. 2

    I'd like to eat this hot ass. I DOOOOO



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