24 December 2011

May and September

Arpad is old enough to be the other lad's dad. If I had to choose one as a door prize, I'd far rather have Arpad than his little buddy. Like fine cheese and vintage wine, men get better with age.


  1. Anonymous06:33

    Following Arpan's example, I opened my window and tossed out a penny. Unfortunately the only thing that got turned on was my furnace. It's cold out there! Maybe I should have close my eyes and made a wish first.

    I wonder what happened to Arpad's right hand midway through the shoot. He was wearing a bandage toward the end of the video. Was the incident work related? I wonder if porn stars have worker's compensation.

    Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

    Leo G.

  2. Anonymous06:48

    Arpad is one of the best fuckers on here, he is so hot and makes me hot all the time

  3. Arpad is a god. Love the trimmed mutton chop look on him.

  4. Anonymous23:17

    You said "cheese." Hehe.


  5. Arpad's cock, while fine, is not thick enough for a discernible cock gobbler. Just saying.


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