06 December 2011

Polaroid Pete

In this digital age, the Polaroid camera is a thing of the past. So too is the era of the Polaroid Pete -- straight lads who posed for saucy pictures in exchange for a fee. No touching or sexual contact was allowed, but if you paid the right price, they dropped their jeans and handled their goods for you.

You usually could snap a limited number of shots during the session; that was part of keeping the supply and demand equilibrium. The more you paid, the longer the session, the more pictures you could take, and the greater a chance of something edgier.

Digital cameras killed the Polaroid and ended the Polaroid Pete era, too. If you jerked off while some bloke snapped a few Polaroids, you didn't have to worry about your photos being sent instantaneously worldwide. It's an entirely different story with the digital camera.

I doubt the bloke here posing for these photos realized anything about the Polaroid Pete years. If you'd like to download a free folder with 45 high res images of this model, please click here.

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  1. Such a HOT GUY! Enjoy this one for sure!


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