31 December 2011

The Big Apple

This New York site promotes its videos as straight men in gay encounters, but I'm fairly certain I've seen this bloke starring in other man-on-man porn. He's a very hot lad nevertheless, which is why I'm featuring this video link I found on another site. If you want to watch on a larger screen, please click here.


  1. Anonymous06:59

    I would prefer a handsome gay sucking him...

  2. Anonymous07:48

    I hate it when a guy shaves part of his chest or stomach .. it looks so fake and silly.. . just not attractive. . .this guy has a great chest and all but if you are going to shave the abs then shave the chest too because its obvious that THAT is not a natural hair placement and it just takes something away from his image. also..kind of a boring piece of video.

  3. The guy doing all the work is adorable....send him my way!

  4. Anonymous10:39

    So which of these dudes is the alleged "straight" one. They both seem pretty gay to me. The suckER really seems to enjoy cock and man ass. And the suckEE really seems to know the routine for a first timer.

    In fact lately, I've been questioning all this "gay for pay" nonsense. Im starting to believe that, on some level, every man is at least a little gay. Well, here's hoping anyway.

    By the way, did you all check out how well manicured the suckEE's torso is? Straight? I don't think so.

    Leo G.

  5. Anonymous04:24

    New York Str8 Men feature some really hot men!

  6. Straight my foot!


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