09 December 2011

Slutty Cowboy

A friend told me that when he was in the military, most of the enlisted lads would masturbate freely in front of each other and quite frequently. In prison, I imagine that happens a lot, too. Straight men might not want to have sex with each other but they're not afraid to demonstrate that their horny.

So that made me wonder what cowboys did in the old west. I'll bet it happened regularly there, too. At the end of the day, sitting around the fire, I'll imagine more than a few times some cowpoke whipped it out and started wanking. And then his mates joined in.


  1. Anonymous11:44

    Yummy - I'd love to give that a lick - especially if he'd had a hard day roping steers (or whatever it is that cowboys do when they're not wanking round the campfire)

  2. Anonymous04:02

    Hot pic of Aaron Cage!!!

  3. Damn! I would ride that cowboy!

  4. Anonymous11:37

    Holy Homo on the Range! Now that's one cowpoke I would really like to buck!

    Leo G.

  5. Giddy up! More of this hot cowboy please!


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