21 December 2011

Vintage Muscle

This scene starts out with some frottage, which is highly underrated and not often seen in porn. While they eventually move on to other things, frottage can be a very hot way to bring your partner to orgasm and vice versa. I highly recommend it.

If you'd like to watch a larger screen version, please click here.


  1. HOT video here.


  2. Anonymous08:09

    Damn that bottom is one hot dude

  3. Anonymous08:19

    Whyis it that it takes forever for any video to appear? You have a nice site but waiting indefinitely is a turn-off. Sorry.

  4. Anon@08:19,

    That definitely sounds like an IP issue on your end. Either your IP or your government is blocking access to MegaVideos.

  5. Anonymous13:37

    I have so much to say. I'll try to be brief.

    First, I usually find vintage videos barely interesting if not boringly historic--but this one was just hot! Bravo!

    Second, I am a HUGE fan of frotting. It's safe and it feels great. You have full body contact with your partner. Also, you can kiss and hug while you frot. Try it, fellows.

    Third, I don't understand why more porn videos don't showcase frotting. Like you said, it's rare to find it in porn. I guess it's because it too closely simulates hetero sex. Maybe it's considered offensive to the gay community. I have no idea.

    Fourth, please send more frotting videos our way. I have bought entire videos just because the picture on the cover hinted at frotting. I have been disappointed many times. However, the video you posted today did not disappoint.

    Again, Bravo!

    Leo G.

    PS. I forgot to mention--when the blond fellow was massaging and biting the other fellow's ass, I nearly fainted. That was very erotic.

  6. Leo, you don't have to apologize for the length of your comments. Your insight is always welcomed. I even worry when I don't hear from you!

  7. Um, guys?

    That ain't frottage. You need to be clothed for it be frottage.

    That there's some well nice dry humping.

    And I loved it.

    Merry Christmas

  8. Anonymous16:40

    Thanks Manhandler. It's nice to know you care. I really mean that, Buddy.

    By the way, I usually watch the videos you post once or twice. But, I've watched this "frottage" one four times and I'm about to watch it a fifth.

    I forgot to mention before--when the blond guy is fucking the other guy's crack (not his hole), it was very erotic (1:40). That's also something you don't see much in gay porn. Is there a name for that act? A man once told me it's called taco-ing. Is that true?

    Leo G

  9. Anonymous07:39

    The bottom was Tom Katt, famous for bottoming and hot to boot!!!! I love frotting myself, have rarely had penetrable sex in my relationship of nearly 30 years!!!

  10. Anonymous13:43

    I just watched this video for a sixth time.

    In the 70's, the average gay porn star was about 30, skinny, had hairy pubes, tan lines, and most likely a mustache.

    In the late 80's early 90's (when I assume this video was made), average gay porn stars were young, clean shaven, handsome, had tan asses, bulky muscles, and very manicured hair.

    Today, there is no norm. Recently, I've seen porn with old dudes, young dudes, skinny dudes, hefty dudes, dudes with tatoos, dudes with piercings, tan dudes, gothic dudes, hairy dudes, and shaved dudes. I guess that's a good thing. Everyone gets a change to get in on the act.

    Just an observation--

    Leo G.

  11. Anonymous06:10

    I'm replying to the 7th commentor. I think you may have your definitions of "frottage" and "dry humping" mixed up. I've frotted and there's nothing dry about it. Merry Christmas.

  12. Maybe I am the oldest one here because I am very surprised reading "the bottom boy..." and "the blond guy..." because they are Tom Katt and Ty Fox, well-known gay porn performers.

  13. Anonymous01:01

    tom katt...

    mmmm.... thank you, have not seen this one before.

  14. Anonymous06:44

    the inkcredible tom Katt, and I can't name the other guy, though he's familiar. But Katt, wow. later became so much more uscular...Very hot scene.


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