29 December 2011

Thatch Patch

Will 2012 be the year that full, natural, untrimmed male pubes come back into fashion? If so, I'm all ready.

I think I wrote before that the only time my pubic hair has ever been trimmed was when I had hernia surgery fifteen years ago. That was really the only thing that frightened me about the operation. The idea of some nurse going at me with a razor made my blood run cold. Fortunately they did it after I was under anesthesia.


  1. A big thanks to you for this gallery. I'm all for the comeback of natural, untrimmed pubes, and body hair.

  2. Anonymous07:05

    I really like masculine looking guys with shaved or trimmed pubes; for me it doesn't spoil anything. I either shave or trim chest and pubes and have had no complaints. Anyway I don't find it sexy to have to stop and pull pubes out that are stuck between my teeth!

  3. Amen! I don't understand the clipping and shaving that men do. Yeah yeah yeah it can make your dick look bigger but why shave to look like a woman?

  4. Anonymous08:16

    I'd have shaved it for you boy. I'd have made it fun.

    Thank you for your blog.

  5. Anonymous11:27

    One can only hope for the best.

  6. Anonymous15:49

    here here!

  7. Anonymous00:50

    vintage porn's the best!

  8. Anonymous01:31

    Entièrement d'accord, vive le poil ! Tous ces mecs rasés (et tatoués) sont à gerber. Ils me font toujours penser aux poulets sous cellophane dans les supermarchés...

  9. Anonymous09:28

    I've never shaved off my pubes, but I do trim them. If I didn't, all you would see is the tip of my dick peeking out through a bush of hair. It kind of looks like a pink button on a fur coat.

    I've often said in this blog that "I don't mind hiking through the shrubs to get to the picnic." But even still, if I don't clear away some of my brush, the picnic would be cancelled on account of mane.

    Leo G

  10. Anonymous19:33

    I refuse to have sex with men with trimmed or shaved pubes. I only suck very hairy cocks and I've never swallowed a hair.

    REAL MEN have natural hairy bushes, not nasty dirty shaved/trimmed pussies!


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