13 December 2011

After the Rodeo

Biff was thrilled to meet Dwayne, his favorite rodeo star. When Dwayne offered a private demonstration of his bullriding skills, Biff went from thrilled to ecstatic.

This looks like it might be snipped from a porn movie. Does anyone recognize it? If so please post information in the comment section.


  1. If you find out which it is, let me know! I wanna see!

  2. Anonymous11:04

    Holy Tail-Gay-T parties! I hope he lasts longer than 8 seconds. Watch out for that exhaust pipe, cowboy.

    Do you have any pictures of dudes in chaps--without pants? That would be really hot!

    Leo G.

  3. yeah me too, good pic still!

  4. Anonymous16:21

    What is it about bald-headed young men that make them so damn sexy?

  5. Sorry Leo, that's the only photo of these lads that I have but hopefully someone will ID the image. With that, we might be able to hunt up some more.


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