20 December 2011

The Assistant Manager

The assistant manager at one of my bank's branches has a forgettable face but a pretty fantastic body. He wears fitted dress shirts and snug dress pants, so there's no doubt he keeps in great shape. I saw him once on a Saturday in a polo shirt and tight jeans and he looked even better. If he stripped down naked, he might look something like Sammy here.

He's relentlessly straight and seems to think he's God's gift to women, as can be seen in his interaction with the female tellers. They humor him but when he's out of range I've seen some eye rolling, exchanged looks, and silently mouthed remarks. After four beers and with the benefit of some handcuffs, I could let the assistant manager know what it was like to be the recipient of unwanted sexual attention. I have a feeling he wouldn't like it but I'd sure have fun.


  1. Anonymous09:23

    Bankmanagers are assholes and they should be treated as such...

  2. Anonymous10:01

    once met a guy like that. after one too many and some very complicated machinations on my part, he ended up in my bed. i was frankly very surprised at how the uber womanizer became a willing pigboy. whew!

  3. WOW! I seriously need to change banks! There is nobody this hot at my branch!

  4. Anonymous02:40

    this one's an insanely hot hunk!!! serious j/o material!!!


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