03 October 2017

An Offer You Can't Refuse

This big strapping lad goes by the name Corleone in porn. He's done a few straight scenes and a few solo jerkoff shoots plus one video where he wrestled naked with another musclestud but nobody popped a boner.

Corleone is the name of a Sicillian town and some people also have it as a surname. It was made famous by the fictional Corleone crime family in The Godfather saga. Corleone the porn stud looks like he could be Sicilian. He used to have longer, flowing locks of dark brown hair.

The originals for these images are larger than they appear below and are part of a huge set featuring more than five hundred photos of twelve different studs naked and stroking, including a bunch more shots of Corleone. To download the complete collection in a free zipped folder, start by clicking here.

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