21 October 2017

Shameless Cowardice

Philip Bump at The Washington Post published an excellent piece yesterday (link here) with the title "The White House is increasingly — and worryingly — using the military as a shield against criticism."

In short, to divert attention away from his catastrophic failures as President, Donald Trump has been fabricating controversies, like commenting about NFL protests and lying about previous Presidents consoling families of service members killed in the line of duty.

But in a bizarre feat of propaganda, Trump has now made it seem that if you question him or who he condemns, as Bump writes, you're somehow criticizing America's military and disrespecting those who serve their country.

This is particularly hypocritical considering Trump ducked the draft during the Vietnam War with dubious claims about an alleged bone spur that never seemed to stop him from near daily and vigorous tennis matches. And he regularly trashed distinguished American veterans and the families of the fallen over the last two years.

Shameless false patriotism is the stuff of despots, dictators, and corrupt heads of state like Richard Nixon. The fact that Trump seems eager to use the same demagogue strategy speaks volumes.

Read Bump's excellent piece. It's yet another stinging indictment of the thoroughly corrupt Trump.

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