06 October 2017

Systematic Failure

The Washington Post published a very interesting piece yesterday (link here) with the title "Trump is failing, and the White House is covering it up with lies."

The thesis in the piece is somewhat complex, but it boils down to this: Trump is blaming Congress for failing to pass some of his agenda items, notwithstanding his party has a majority in both houses, whilst many congressional Republicans are blaming Trump.

But the reality is, everybody in the GOP is lying, including Trump, to cover up long-standing lies, such as the bogus claim that the Affordable Care Act is failing (it's not) and that the Trump/GOP tax plan really is primarily about cutting middle-class taxes when it's really all about cutting taxes for the wealthy at the expense of the middle class.

The bottom line, is that the whole GOP platform is built on a tissue of lies and they keep lying on top of those lies. Some of their supporters are still buying their lies, but most Americans are not, and even some Republican members of Congress are refusing to go along with this scam. The Democrats, of course, want nothing to do with this mess and will allow the GOP to own it.

How this ends, the piece concludes, is anyone guess. But it's hard to see how this could have a happy ending.

Never has a majority party failed so spectacularly.

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  1. A farce, a humoristic reality show, a comedy performance etc...

    All this can qualify what is going on in Washington and all your governing people.

    USA is supposed to be the most advanced democratic country instead, since «45» is in office, you show the entire world the limits of your governing system.

    Even if there is a «republican» president in office and both chambers are also «republican» your political power is «jamed» and stuck in a chacha dance and isn't doing good decisions for the USA's population.

    So many LIES in a country that is based on Christian values.

    ILLOGICAL and quite a non sense.


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