03 October 2017

More and More and More

Yesterday afternoon, The Washington Post broke the story that federal investigators have learned of two more substantial contacts between Russia and the Trump campaign and organization (link here).

Despite Donald Trump repeatedly insisting he and his team had no Russian contacts of any sort during the campaign, with each of these revelations, he only further highlights his habitual lying and mendacity. This claim is all the more absurd because he own lawyers have confirmed the contacts occurred.

Off the top of my head, I can think of at least five substantial contacts now reported by the media between the Russians and Trump's people during the 2016 campaign. All of these contacts involved repeated points of communication on various dates.

We've already learned about the now infamous Trump Tower meeting between Vladimir Putin's Russian emissaries and members of the Trump family and campaign (details here). Then came the revelations about how the Trump team was trying to develop Trump Tower in Moscow (details here).

That was followed a few weeks later by revelations that Trump's campaign manager was offering to brief a Russian billionaire about the campaign's progress; that oligarch is close to Putin and speaks with him regularly (details here).

Yet Trump keeps lying and saying all of this is fake, notwithstanding the documentary evidence and voluminous corroboration. It's no wonder a majority of Americans now say he can't be trusted.

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