19 October 2017


Donald Trump is once again causing controversies with his loose lips and Twitter tirades, but whether or not he's doing this out of emotional instability or because he's trying to distract attention from actual scandals remains unknown. Special Counsel Robert Mueller's criminal investigation into Trump and his associates is known to have questioned several key witnesses in the past few days, so perhaps that's making the President very nervous.

One of yesterday's tweets certainly looks like an attempt at deflection. Trump apparently is trying to turn very old news into new news because an old draft memo of former FBI director James Comey was made public in recent days.

Trump tweeted: "As it has turned out, James Comey lied and leaked and totally protected Hillary Clinton. He was the best thing that ever happened to her!"

The problem is, this tweet directly contradicts with the public explanation Trump and his staff gave about why Comey was fired: because of alleged incompetence in the Clinton investigation.

So this glaring contradiction suggests the reason for the firing was a lie. If it was, then it's more evidence Trump is guilty of criminal obstruction of justice for terminating Comey to stop the Russia investigation.

Matthew Miller at MSBNC caught this damaging blunder and tweeted in response to Trump: "Psst. Your cover story was you fired him because he was unfair to Clinton. Might want to stop giving Mueller more evidence that was a lie."

Fortunately, Mueller has been questioning witnesses who were in the room when the decision was made to sack Comey. If Trump did indeed give him the heave in hopes that would stop the criminal investigation into his campaign, that is enough evidence to impeach the President.

When the truth becomes known, and if Trump indeed obstructed justice, hopefully Congress will put country before party and remove the President from office.


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