05 October 2017

The Congressman's Secret

Congressman Phoenix has always known that he's attracted to men, but he keeps that tamped down and hidden because of his political ambitions. His wife and daughters have no idea.

But occassionally the Congressman sees a young man who triggers his need, and he just can't help himself. He meets Leo when the younger man is hired as a press aide in his office, but it's only a matter of time before the Congressman makes his move and his staffer is eager to comply.

One day when the Congressman and Leo are lying in a hotel bed after a marathon fuck session, the younger man wraps a towel around himself and answers the knock for room service. When the door opens, however, the two lovers are shocked to see, instead, it's a familiar reporter with a camera crew right behind him, filming away as the naked Congressman rises from the bed shouting "no!" whilst unsuccessfully trying to cover his massive, still semi-erect uncut cock.

Dean Phoenix has been doing porn since 1998. He's had three retirements and three subsequent un-retirements since then, the most recent one coming last year. Dean has been featured before on this blog here and here.

The originals for these pictures are massive and part of a large set featuring more than one hundred fifty shots of Dean, about half from the recent hardcore shoot seen here and the other half solo photos from earlier in his career. To download the complete collection in a free zipped folder, be sure to click here.

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