26 October 2017


I was pleasantly surprised to see that Senator Jeff Flake, the Republican who denounced Donald Trump on the Senate floor on Tuesday, published an op-ed denouncing the President in The Washington Post yesterday (link here) that made the same point I had and used the same quote from Joseph Welch.

Now I can't think that Flake reads this blog, notwithstanding he's probably the current Senator who would look best without his shirt, and he undoubtedly wrote his op-ed before my post went live, but it's nonetheless very interesting he used the same historical incident that I did to make a similar argument.

Read Flake's piece. It's not long. Hopefully his speech on the floor of the Senate will resonate for a long time to come.

Sadly, I could not find any decent-sized shirtless photos of Flake to illustrate this entry, but a small photo in a 2009 article about him (link here) provides a tease. The one I'm using isn't Flake.

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