15 February 2011

A Little Incest in the Afternoon

I recognize from the outset that this photoset will not appeal to everyone's taste. If the idea of incest between twin brothers bothers you, I suggest you surf on to another site and come back here tomorrow for something else. If, however, like me you always had a fantasy of a twin brother who also was gay and who helped you seduce hot alpha males, then you'll like these.


  1. the TOP Man is very HOT. I would not mind having a 4-way with these men. mostly the TOP Man.


  2. Hey Will,
    I thought I was the only pervert with that fantasy. I also dreamed of an older gay brother who could show me the ropes. The exciting thing about twins in porn is that it's the only way you can be 100 percent sure they're brothers. Those twins over at Bel Ami are the hottest.

  3. I use to date a twin; always was hoping for a three way with his brother!

  4. Anonymous18:09

    When it comes to male relatives, as long as they are consenting and over 18, I do not believe it is technically incest. That being said, sex with twins, brothers, or cousins, would be kind of hot. Sex with a father and an adult son would also be hot, but I could understand how it could be seen as taboo.


  5. Anonymous21:34

    I don't fantasize with twins... but with my clone absolutely, isn't that technically masturbation anyway.

  6. Anonymous08:08

    I fantasize about sex with a clone, too, Anonymous! If it were another being, it wouldn't be masturbation, but I'll bet my clone would know exactly what I'd like!

    My 4-year-younger brother came out to me a few years ago, but I don't have any fantasies about sex with him--he's not really my "type."

    These twins are too young--they're twinks--but the top is another story altogether...

  7. Anonymous09:45

    ..COMPLIMENTI !!!!!!!!

    Molto, molto bello e originale.
    Peccato non poter vedere tutto !


  8. Anonymous01:33

    What I really want to know is who is that hot fucking hunk in the middle??? He is one fucking hot slab of man!!!

  9. I love pics of a muscled or athletic top guy submitting (but not dominated by) smaller framed - and less overtly masculine - bottoms. Must be the role reversal of a manly, strong guy turned into a toy that flips my switches.

  10. Anonymous06:24

    realy sexy pics, well

  11. Anonymous17:18

    Who is the gorgeous top?

  12. Anonymous01:48

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