10 February 2011

Congressional ManTits

My boyfriend had an interesting thought about ex-congressman Chris "ManTits" Lee who resigned yesterday. He said, and I'm paraphrasing, "the Craigslist woman might be a complete fake to hide the fact that the photo was really sent to the congressman's boyfriend." So Lee's handlers spin the fake story with fake emails which they deliberately leak to Gawker to keep an unknown party from revealing the truth about his secret gay life, because if the truth came out, it couldn't fly now. Interesting.

My first thought on seeing the shirtless photo was: "he looks like some of the married men I hooked up with in my twenties." That was long before Craigslist and iPhone photos, but they did have the same clean-cut forced masculinity about them.

Lee is not bad in the body department for a 46-year-old man. He obviously does a lot of running. He needs to work more with weights, though. He'll have a lot of free time now.


  1. Anonymous08:38

    Wow, that's twice this week I'd have to disagree with you . . . which is rare. First, the cock on the other hottie - as others have mentioned - is quite nice (and I say that as an occasional size devotee ;).

    And as far as the Congressman, I like his body just as it is. I actually feel for him a bit because he's at that point where his face and hair are starting to show his age, but his body is still rocking like a twenty something stud. He was probably just acting out on sexual ego, which kinda happens sometimes. (yes, i'm ignoring the family values hypocrisy for a moment . . . it's my bipartisan lunch hour).

    But as far as looks, he's nicely toned, got taut guns, great curve around the shoulders. Looks liked he have a tight trim back as well.

    I bet he's pretty devoted to his lover in bed, really loves working his body all over.

    He's got the FIB (fun in bed) vibe down. And he don't need larger muscles to deliver on that ;).

    My only complaint is he looks guilty in the pic . . . like he knew how sloppy he was being with his personal life when he snapped the pic.

  2. Anon, I wasn't saying the other bloke's cock was too small -- just that others would say that.

    As for the ex-Congressman, I wouldn't have turned him down when I was hooking up. I see room for improvement, however, but he's above average for a 46-year-old man. He definitely needs to work on his photography skills, however.

  3. Anonymous13:56

    I have the same conspiracy theory.

    What straight guy sends these kind of photos? If it was to a prostitute, why would she care what he looks like? If it was any self respecting woman looking for a legitimate relationship like the craigslist ad claimed... why would she care what he looks like? How would this kind of pic seal the deal?

    There's definitely more to this story.

  4. Anonymous16:00

    I'm going to assume the first two posters to comment about the US congressman are not citizens of the United States but from abroad.

    I live in the US, and when it comes to someone like congressman Christopher Lee, there is NO sympathy for who he is and what he has inclined himself to legislate in his position as a congressional representative. Lee is VERY anti-gay, embraces anti-gay legislation in Congress, purports to be a "family man" yet is trolling on the internet for other women while lying to be a "divorced lobbyist." He is truly a despicable, slutty man who merits no respect for his blatant hypocrisy! He deserves all the foul treatment coming his way for his shenanigans. And while he has stated having "shame" for what he has done to his family and constituents, there is NO doubt he will be doing this AGAIN sometime soon!

  5. Anonymous16:51

    On some level, the Congressman wanted to get caught. A high-profile, influential man like him does not send a face picture to a stranger (man or woman)via Craig's List. He wouldn't be that careless unless he was just tired of the deception. I hope he finds what he is looking for.

    By the way, he is hot for 46.


  6. Anonymous18:38

    Ah, no worries. Understand your important distinction on the hottie earlier as well.

    Love your blog . . . it's one of my bookmarked and I only visit a few.

  7. Anonymous21:20

    he's not 46, but rather 36! he claimed on craigslist that he was 39 and a lobbyist. see how all that secret living ages one.

  8. Anonymous07:01

    Um, he is definitely 46 - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chris_Lee_%28politician%29.

    But you are correct on reports that he claimed to be 39 in his cl response.

    I don't actually buy that this is some kind of elaborate ruse to cover something else (gay tryst, etc). It all just seems way too sloppy. And if that were the case . . . gay lover going to expose him or something. I don't think releasing this one photo or emails would do it. There's probably be a video.

    Besides in the US, without all that, there'd still be a field day interviewing the "secret gay lover" of the exposed congressman.

    No, I'm more inclined to think he was a lying hypocrite who didn't think he'd get caught.

  9. Anonymous06:10


    It's not quite the same as your bf suggested, but it does sound like there is a twist to the story . . .



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