28 February 2011

Caught in His Own Trap

This photo was originally posted on one of those websites where men upload pictures of themselves fucking their ex-girlfriends. The whole idea is to humiliate the women, but this bloke inadvertently included one of himself photographed by the ex.

He's definitely better than average in the body department and has a nice uncut cock. He's also very much a grower, but because all the hardcore images show him with the woman, I didn't want to include shots of her. Little did he realize that his joke on her now has men ogling his naked body and fantasizing about what they'd do to him whilst he was bent over holding his ankles.


  1. Anonymous06:54

    Post a link to that website!

  2. Anonymous09:30

    I'd like to see the shots of him that refer to him as 'being a grower', small to start off isn't a non-hot thing. And shots of him with a woman also isn't a non-hot thing. At least they're not for me. - Montana Cowboy

  3. Anonymous02:51



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