02 February 2011

Con Job

These are stills from a scene in a porn movie that I saw several times in my college years. I remember being smitten by the lad you see in the final shot with happy sauce on his puss. I kept watching for him in other porn flicks but never saw him again. Now I know why -- it was the only movie he ever did.

These images appeared in a 1980s stroke mag called "Con Job." If you'd like to download a free folder with thirty scans of the entire magazine, be sure to click here.


  1. Anonymous09:28

    Nope, it was not the only movie he ever made. I have, (buried in boxes in my garage) videos of him in another 3-way, I think with the blonde model name of 'Becker'(?) from either Fox Studios or Falcon. And other films with him as well; same time frame of very early 80's. - Montana Cowboy

  2. Montana Cowboy, I stand corrected. When I looked up his credits on IADB, he only has one movie listed.

  3. well Anonymous, share the movie! He is a hot one! too bad he made only a few!

  4. Anonymous20:40

    He made exactly three movies; all three ways. These pictures are from "Leo and Lance" 1983, directed by William Higgins. Here he uses the name Cal Barry. His co-stars are Eric Ryan and Rick St. Pierre. For 1983, Falcon Studios' "The New Breed", he uses the name, Nick Harlen. His co-stars are Bill Henson and future porn director, Kristen Bjorn! For 1984, Fox Studios' "Intruders", he uses the name, Bill Harlen. His co-stars are Paul Becker and Jimmy Metz. He's from England. You hear his accent in "Leo and Lance", when he says, "This is another fine mess you've gotten us into." Check out Gay Erotic Video Index. The Bible website of Gay Porn.

  5. Anonymous04:32

    You got cum on your face
    You big disgrace
    Fuckin' your can all over the place


  6. Anonymous13:28



    both very good scenes, and wish he had stared in more.


  7. Jessie18:08

    He's so pretty. I thought he was Italian or something like that. I obsess over that threesome with him rick and eric ryan. I love looking at him....so hot!


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