13 February 2011

Nick Still Needs Dick

I featured Nick last year in another set. He about as hairy as I am, particularly in the legs and bunghole department. I used to be embarrassed for being hairier below the waist than above but now I'm proud of my fuzz.

I know Nick's done solo JO porn, but has he ever done the nasty onscreen with another lad? Please shout out in the comments if you know. In the meantime, you can download a free set featuring 74 high-quality photos of Nick working out and stroking off here.


  1. Anonymous06:35

    I cannot see any photos either in Explorer 8 or Firefox.

    Can you fix, please?

    This applies to most of the front page of your blog.

  2. If he needs help , who am I to diagree. Be rigth there.


  3. He's got a nice dusting of fur on his chest....wouldn't mind spending a couple of hours on his nipples!

  4. Torontonian, sounds like either the image host was down temporarily or your IP is blocking the image host. The pictures are displaying now with no problem anad, as you can see from the comments above, other users are seeing them.

  5. Anonymous12:52

    To me, fuzz is never a problem. I don't mind going through the brush to get to the picnic.

    This guy has a great animal stare. You don't know if he's going to lick you or bite you.


  6. Anonymous16:33

    The hairy legs are a major turn on but dude! The last shot! I am taking this guy to Bora Bora!

    - John

  7. and that ass, oh my!

  8. RedCedar23:53

    I am furry above and below. I wish I had less on my back. It's not tons (like one sometimes encounters with Mediterranean men), but even so I'd be just fine if there was none on my back (even so, it's not important enough to me to have it removed). On my front I've basically got a rug starting at my collar bones and going down in a solid block to my crotch.

    It's all good, you know? Whether you're hairy or nearly hairless, you're a man!



  9. RedCedar23:55

    (Oh, and if that last shot means he's available for mounting?

    I volunteer! ;) )

  10. Anonymous06:03

    RedCedar - what a fucking turn on my man!

    - John

  11. Anonymous09:08

    haven't seen him with a guy in porn, but he's done porn with women (looked like his first time)

  12. There are other photos of Nick - they look like they're from this same photoshoot - of him on that beige sofa pleasuring his furry hole with a metal dildo - a straight-boy's dildo, nothing too penis-shaped, but he looks like he's enjoying it and it sets my fantasies off every time. I'd love to have this bloke's beautifully furry legs up over my shoulders, to bury my face in his crotch and then my dick in his arse. Woof!


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