04 February 2011

Big Ken in the Shower

I briefly saw Ken at the Beverly Center not too long ago, after he had retired from porn. He was with a woman and holding her hand. I happened to be chatting with a business acquaintance I had run into when I spotted the big lad so I couldn't casually follow Ken and see what he was up to. My boyfriend teases me because I get excited about seeing pornstars in person but could care less when I see major moviestars in the flesh.


  1. Anonymous06:03

    I am with you on this. Look at this guy, what is not to love>

    - John

  2. Anonymous07:10

    I'm with you. Ken's always been worth stopping to admire.

  3. Anonymous09:13

    What movies was he in?

  4. Anonymous19:25

    Ken has gotten me off many times. These pictures are interesting...definitely older, grayer, retired, as if you recognized him at the shower in the gym and he was to say, hey man, I'm outta that scene now..

    I should at least wish him well with his straight life. He's earned the right to go back. As I remember he was a football coach or something, so there were some eyebrows raised when he turned up in gay porn.

  5. Anonymous20:14

    best cock ever

  6. Anonymous13:52

    what grey?

  7. Peter02:10

    certainly not the best of performers but that body, that face and that SCHLONG....how I´ve drooled watching his semi erect cock swing...

  8. Anonymous03:05

    I believe this is Ken Ryker aka Bill Flagstaff aka Gary Pokerney. A friend of mine saw him at a gay porn fan expo several years ago. He had a booth set up where, for a fee, you could "chat" with him. I suppose the fee amount depended on how "long" you "chatted" with him. His wife/girlfriend was carefully managing contact with him. Later, they disappeared behind a screened area. Curiosity prompted my very bold friend to peek behind the curtain and saw them counting what seemed like a large sum of money. I guess this would be added to their retirement fund. Although my friend is not a naïve simpleton, he was as disappointed as Dorothy was when Toto pulled the curtain exposing who the Great Oz really was! As always, your images and accompanying stories are totally engaging. PHWOARRR!

    Cheers, tomil


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