06 March 2009

Morpheus, the God of Dreams

The deity Morpheus had the ability to take any human's form and appear in dreams. Here he rests, preparing to slip into the underworld of sleep.

Who is this beautiful specimen? I don't know. It almost looks like a talented amateur picture, what with the slight underexposure in certain areas and the geegaws on the night table. Was he posing for his girlfriend's photo class assignment?

I know a straight married guy who looks quite a bit like this hunk. He's a quiet, strapping musclegod who smiles shyly when you tell him how handsome he is. He blushes slightly, like he knows what you're thinking about him, but he also sends the subtle signal it could never happen. Dream on, my friend, his dancing eyes seem to say.

I have the rare skill of being able to make myself dream about certain people on occasion if I think about them whilst drifting off to sleep. I have dreamed of the married guy twice and, on both occasions, he allowed me to slide into bed with him, where he was naked. He held me close but nothing more happened.

Perhaps that was Morpheus who came to bed me and taunt me. So close yet so impossibly far.


  1. This is totally gonna be a Hot Shot!

  2. I'm positive that is Gilles Marini, of Sex and the City: The Movie fame. Currently also on Dancing with the Stars.


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