12 March 2009

John Cena

I saw John Cena's photo today on the cover of this month's Men's Fitness and there was just no doubt: the man is a god. Look at that strong jaw, those granite arms, those steely blue eyes. The magazine has a short little video of him on their website.

I'll be honest and say I knew nothing about the man before he made my pulse race upon opening my mailbox today. He's some kind of professional wrestler and actor. He's also very straight and soon to be married. That's his girlfriend in the last photo.

If I ever lose my mind and start stalking celebrities, I think this guy might be my first choice. The guy sure fills out a T-shirt nicely. Oh my.


  1. Holy biceps, Batman!

  2. lucly girl in the end picture.

  3. Anonymous14:43

    I salute that in more ways than one!

  4. Not only is he one of the most handsome models/stars/hunks around but he is also brilliant. He was interviewed by 3 film students on Encoe's Film School. He didn't hesitate ever in speaking, not an "uh?" in his entire interview. Beauty and intellect: WOW!!!


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