11 March 2009

Gabriel Thy Name Is Narcissus

I featured a video of Gabriel last week. As promised, here are some still images.

Gabriel likes to take pictures of himself modeling underwear. Who could blame him? If you were a god like Gabriel, you'd do the same. Who could not love those gorgeous slabs of muscle?

Gabriel is an unabashed Narcissus. He has hundreds of pictures of himself on his social networking page. He travels quite a lot, and posts little narrative sequences of his journeys, including airport shots.

Some of most favorite shots are these two of him in the airport lounge. The ripped crotch one is priceless. The sleeping one is brand new, something he's posted in just the last few days.

I think if I saw a god like him sleeping in the airport lounge, I would actually miss my flight just so I could stop and watch him. How could you pass him by?


  1. OMG - he is gorgeous. And he fills out those briefs quite nicely.


    David Dust

  2. Anonymous15:37

    Wow the 4th picture definetly shows hes packin some junk down there .. wow !!

  3. Anonymous12:26

    he may be packing some "junk" aka cock and balls but he is also packing an attitude which is clearly visible with his other body language..arrogance and definitely a narcissistic personality disorder

  4. Hey Sigmund Freud -- I don't think you can tell if someone has a narcissistic personality disorder based on some photos.


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