14 September 2013

Pounding Beef

Only a few hours after yesterday's post went live, one of the regular reader scouts had found the corresponding movie on Xvideos. It's the second one below, featuring the big bruiser and little pup.

The first one illustrates a pickup technique unbeknownst to me. All you have to do is compliment a bloke on his tattoos, and within minutes he'll let you fuck him in the ass. Who knew?

If you'd like to watch these directly on the Xvideos site, you can do so here and here.

1 comment:

  1. Unnecessary body art aside, the first video was very hot. It was raw without being overly raunchy.

    But the second video really got my juices flowing. It was great to see the little "pup" weaken the big "bruiser's" tough resolve to the point where he quivered (16:20). The bruiser's orgasm was literally toe curling (16:30). In fact, it looked like he was about to beg for mercy (17:06).

    I guess the bigger they are, the harder they cum.

    Leo G.


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