12 September 2013


We all know what precum is -- that sticky fluid that leaks out of your cock when you're anticipating sexy time. But what do you call the stuff that oozes from your penis several minutes after you've cum? Is that aftercum?

Whatever it's called, the stuff looks fantastic seeping out of the slit. Sometimes you don't even realize it's happening. You're walking around the bedroom, trying to find your clothes that you threw everywhere in the heat of passion, and you feel something drip on your foot.

You look down and see a trail of aftercum from your cock to your foot and maybe running down your leg. If you ooze a lot after you cum like I do, you know you should keep a rag handy to wipe up before you wander around. Sometimes, though, you just can't be neat.


  1. Whatever it is. I like it allot.


  2. Anonymous07:10

    A good cock sucker would never let that happen.

  3. Anonymous10:26

    I eat it. It's just as tasty, if not more so, than precum.

  4. Anonymous11:11

    Don't like

  5. Anonymous00:54

    When you have Precum, then this one is postcum! :)

  6. Anonymous07:50

    & if it's al-fresco sex & you're going commando, just make sure you mop it up before you put your trousers back on, otherwise you get left with a tell-tale wet spot :-)

  7. Anonymous22:21

    Sweet nectar of the gods, and when I give someone head, I get it all, pre-cum, the big load, and the sticky droplets afterwards. No wipe up necessary..


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