07 September 2013

Over the Dome

The second cum shot in this video is truly memorable. Both are big lads, and the skinhead stands something like six foot five.

The skinhead here went by Maxx Diesel when he did gay porn and now does straight porn as Christian XXX. He says he's straight and only did gay for pay, but he still does a lot of tranny porn where he bottoms.

I suspect he's bi, although he may not have come to terms with that. Whatever the answer, he's still hot. If you'd like to go directly to the Xvideos site and watch over there, you can do that by clicking here.

1 comment:

  1. I've not seen many hotter videos than this one in my time. Hot! Hot! Hot!

    I wonder what crime the bald guy caught the hairy guy committing. Perhaps it was the overuse of gold satin material in the bedroom.

    Speaking of bald, wouldn't it be wonderful if these two dudes accidently stumbled upon the cure for baldness? Every straight guy in America would be begging for another dude to cum on his head. We gay guys could go into a hair restoration business.

    Leo G.


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